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The Restaurant "Taverna della Rocca" in the heart of the ancient village of Frontone Castle, in the province of Pesaro - Urbino, offers several traditional dishes, cooked with care and passion by the wise hands of the countryside women, since the 1966. The first courses: Tagliatelle, Cappelletti, Gnocchi and Ravioli are flavored with tomato sauce, Duck sauce or Porcino mushrooms and often, during winter season, you can taste sauce of boar meat and roe deer meat. The rough and porous pastry is still kneaded by hand, with the rolling pin and left dry out naturally. The second courses that you will be able to taste daily are: Chops, Ribs and Sausages of pork meat, Veal steak and tagliata and finally finger-burning lamb. All of these are cooked instantly in the wide open-plan fireplace situated nearby the kitchen. On Sunday and on public holidays the cuisine offers specialties oven baked such as: Cannelloni, Lasagne, spit-roasted rabbit meat, stuffed pigeon and lamb meat. Exclusively by order Polenta, boar meat and roe deer meat. The crescia is a specialty typical of the Marche, that is baked at the moment on the grill, is served hot with a wide selection of tasty ready-sliced salami, hams and local cheeses or cooked vegetables. Crescia is offered at lunch, during afternoon and at dinner, except on Sunday lunch time and on public holidays. Stuffed crescia can be ordered even to take away.


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